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Welcome to LXC![edit source]

This is the main page for Lakeview Cross Country! If there are any questions you have related to cross country, like practice, running, or meets, this is the place for answers. If there are any new articles you think should be added, suggest them in the forum. Before suggesting, check here to make sure it isn't already planned. If an article shows up on this list, but hasn’t been created yet, then make it yourself! There is no need to wait for someone to do it for you. If you don't know what article to make, check this list for pages that are linked to, but aren't created yet. If you find an article with a problem, you can fix it!

Featured article for Week 39 of 2022

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Rolling is the act of stretching muscles to allow for extended leg movement and prevention of injury. It involves a roller and force. Rolling generally focuses on the legs, but can involve other parts of the body. Rolling creates a more free feeling in the body due to the release of stress and tightness in the muscles.

For now, articles are grouped into six main categories. Using these categories can be helpful to find articles of related content, which is useful if you know the general idea of what you’re looking for, but not the specific name.

Pictgram running man.svgRunning

This category contains pages related to running. More specifically (since this whole wiki is about running) this category is for articles written about running as an action.

429-running-shoe.svg Equipment

The Equipment category is for articles with equipment used for running, like shoes, and also about materials for outside-of-practice activities, like rolling.

MensGym2.svg Fitness

The Fitness category is mainly for articles about activities that take place most often outside of practice, like eating and recovery.

Athletics pictogram.svg Meets

The Meets category is for articles written about the running competitions at the high school level in Michigan, called cross country meets.

Noun people 112752.svg People

This category is for pages about people directly involved with Lakeview High School Cross Country. Do not create a page for someone that is not you. This wiki, and all connected pages, is released under a CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 license, and this information is available to the general public. Please try to respect the privacy of those who may not wish to have an online presence, and only create a page for yourself, with the understanding of the rights you no longer have regarding the content you publish.

Ic pin drop 48px.svg Places

The Places category is for articles about places the the LHS Cross Country team runs, including locations for meets and practices. For privacy, it will not include addresses for houses at which team dinners are hosted.

More coming soon.